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Sydney Morning Herald, Tetrabins combine Tetris and recycling for Vivid Sydney, May 2014

“Steven Bai had his 900 LED light-bulbs moment while walking on George Street near Myer: what if, he wondered, Sydney’s bins were somehow interactive?”… (Full article)


Sydney University Press, TetraBIN – a 2014 Sydney Design Awards winner, Aug 2014

“‘The passive act of putting rubbish into a bin, requiring minimum thought, is now given importance as the participant must drop their rubbish in the bin at the right moment to advance further in the game,’ said Steven Bai.”… (Full article)


Business Insider, 10 Things You Have To See At Vivid Sydney Before It Finishes On Monday, June 2014
“This is so simple and so cool and if it was on every bin in the city, the world would be a tidier place. TetraBIN lights up when you drop rubbish in it, and in a mimic of an old-school computer game, tracks the rubbish in shape and size. It gets interesting because there’s a game component: you have to rubbish into the bin at the right moment to advance the game. “… (Full article)


Amplify, Vivid Sydney 2014: Technology trends to tap into, June 2014
“The nostalgic nod to an early favourite might have had something to do with the TetraBIN’s popularity. “TetraBIN also turned out to be successful to enchant people, and we noticed many passers-by smiling as they recognise the familiar 8-bit Tetris game in a very unfamiliar embodiment.”…(Full article)


PSFK, TetraBIN gamifies eco-conscious behavior, Mar 2015

“TetraBIN comes at a time when global organizations such as the United Nations struggle to battle global overpopulation and urban hygiene.”… (Full article)


Redesigning Urban Inventions: City as a service (Vivid Sydney 2016), curated and hosted by Steven Bai & Luke Hespanhol

Oddee10 Creative Ideas To Reduce Littering & Vandalism, November 2015

EnergiVerdTetraBin: un invento ecológico ¡y muy divertido!, June 2015

Australian Design ReviewBeijing Design Week: designing China, Sep 2015

Naked Civics, Retro Refuse In An 8-bit Can, Mar 2015

Pop Up City, Five Interactive Games That Turn The City Into A Playing Board, May 2015

Augmented Reality Trends, TetraBIN – Augmented Reality Comes to Trash Bins, Feb 2015

Atmel, TetraBIn Combines of 8-bit video games and waste removal, Mar 2015

Atmel, Tetris and Makers go together like peanut butter and jelly, June 2015

TetraBIN, Sydney Design Awards 2014 Winner, Aug 2014

Congratulations Steven Bai, Sydney University Village, Sep 2014

Microsiervos, Una papelera que convierte el gesto de reciclar en una partida de Tetris, Mar 2015

The Red Ferret, TetraBIN – the trash can that can help stop littering by playing video games, Mar 2015

Design Taxi, Bin Turns Trash Into Tetris Blocks Aims to Reduce Littering On The Streets, Mar 2015

Sydney University Press, Design Computing graduate to exhibit at the 2015 Beijing Design Week, September 2015

TRENDHUNTER, Gamified Garbage Disposals, Mar 2015

DesignWorks デザインワークス, ゴミを捨てるとテトリスができるゴミ箱「TetraBIN」, August 2015

新浪汽车,自主品牌抄袭:好的设计会有相似之处,Sep 2015

网易传媒,澳洲杰出设计师白林松:让北京设计周“舞”动起来,Oct 2015

Hi!设计悉尼最大物联网交互LED屏幕是这位华人设计师做的,Dec 2015

ISUTA, ゴミを捨てればゲームがスタート!?テトリスになる斬新なゴミ箱が話題に, Mar 2015

Techable, ゴミを捨てると“テトリス”がスタート!?ARゴミ箱が面白い, Aug 2015

ifanr 爱范儿, 把扔垃圾变成一种游戏,Tetrabin 做到了, Aug 2014

Australian Computer Society, Congratulations to our winners who have received sponsorship to attend YITCON 2014, Aug 2014

T13, Contenedor que permite botar basura y jugar Tetris a la vez, Mar 2015

People’s Daily 人民网, 中国留学生白林松设计作品将亮相悉尼灯光节, May 2014

Baidu 百度百科,TetraBIN, Dec 2014

中国新闻网,白林松的设计作品将亮相悉尼灯光节, May 2014

网易新闻,白林松的新创意设计为悉尼再次塑造一个经典, Jun 2015

网易新闻,前澳洲华人达人秀冠军白林松:为灵感非存在感, Aug 2013

央广网,澳著名华裔设计师白林松新作悉尼亮相, Jun 2015

凤凰网白林松的新创意设计为悉尼再次塑造一个经典, June 2015

Electronic Component News, SXSW names Interactive Innovation Award Finalists, Jan 2015

Interview for Trace, The Galeries, June 2015

TetraBIN – Vivid Sydney, Facebook Timeline Photo, May 2015

TetraBIN – Your Kids’ Favourite Bin 2014 (TetraBIN official video)

IxDA Interaction Awards 2015 (TetraBIN – award press release)

MindTrek NUMA Award 2015 (TetraBIN – award press release)

SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards 2015 (TetraBIN – award press release)

Sydney Design Awards 2014 (TetraBIN – award press release)

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